It was a street lamp. (Valentine’s Day Edition)

OCR: ST. VALENTINES "GHOST" A wispy mist floated in the cemetery in Victoria-road on St Valentine's night. Surrounding a large white gravestone was a bluish haze. A resident saw "the "apparition" and, with his friend, entered the cemetery and solved the mystery. The ghostly haze was due to the reflection from a street lamp on … Continue reading It was a street lamp. (Valentine’s Day Edition)

It was a lonely girl.

I will start with the sad story first. Paranormal activity was reported in the Henry Thacker home of Louisville, Kentucky (1952). Stories of household objects floating and boxes sailing across the room brought in curious visitors and press. County Patrolman Russell McDaniel and Jack Fisher noticed the activity centered around 11-year-old Joyce. Joyce and her … Continue reading It was a lonely girl.