It was (another) pipe.

Tales of a haunted oil well on the edge of Rosedale Cemetery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania spread in 1910. Residents reported hearing “blood-curdling groans” and desperate pleas: Help! Let me out! I’m being smothered! A party decided to investigate as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports: It was found that a pipe extended from the casing of the well back into … Continue reading It was (another) pipe.

It was a poodle.

On March 16, 1916, The Republic of Meyersdale, Pennsylvania reported the alleged haunting of a recently deceased Mr. Jonathan Albright. The veteran’s ghost was said to have driven his family out their home (in Meyersdale) on two occasions. “On one occasion several weeks ago, ” The Republic reported, “the family averred, he came and stood … Continue reading It was a poodle.