It was (another) pipe.

Tales of a haunted oil well on the edge of Rosedale Cemetery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania spread in 1910. Residents reported hearing “blood-curdling groans” and desperate pleas: Help! Let me out! I’m being smothered! A party decided to investigate as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports: It was found that a pipe extended from the casing of the well back into … Continue reading It was (another) pipe.

It was a poodle.

On March 16, 1916, The Republic of Meyersdale, Pennsylvania reported the alleged haunting of a recently deceased Mr. Jonathan Albright. The veteran’s ghost was said to have driven his family out their home (in Meyersdale) on two occasions. “On one occasion several weeks ago, ” The Republic reported, “the family averred, he came and stood … Continue reading It was a poodle.

It was a robe.

People reported a flying ghost accompanied by “screeching noises” in an abandoned cemetery in North Manchester, Indiana. An investigation by skeptics revealed the source: […] it was found that mischievous boys had stretched wires across the grounds from fence to fence from which was suspended a woman’s nightrobe. This was drawn back and forth by … Continue reading It was a robe.

It was moonshine.

Witnesses saw odd lights in an old and isolated schoolhouse in Emerson, Manitoba. Citizens assumed ghosts. The theory that it was spirits was not entirely wrong. The lights were from nightly sessions of making moonshine (“and not the Sir Oliver Lodge variety”). “On the teacher’s platform,” The Star Press reported, “they [the police] found a huge still, with a … Continue reading It was moonshine.