It was a water meter.

The sound of a wailing cat was heard in the home of Vincent Carta in Glendora, California. Technically, they believed this “ghost cat” was not of a paranormal sort but rather a living and breathing cat stuck in the walls. Workers’ “Here Kitty Kitty” calls were answered by distant meows. Unforunately, tearing apart the entire house (walls, siding, etc.) never produced the cat.

Other cats and dogs were also brought into the house in hopes that they could find the noise’s source. When the cries became more distant and quieter, they worried the poor cat was dying.

The family received many telegrams and letters from concerned strangers with suggested methods for tracking down the trapped kitty, including “jacking up the house and doing a dance to attract the trapped kitty.”

A sound engineer, using sensitive equipment finally found the source to the problem: a defective water meter! I wonder if the hundreds of spectators gathered around the house were relieved or disappointed?

Source: The Ogden Standard-Examiner (Ogden, Utah) · 30 Jan 1957, pg. 1

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