It was string and wire.

One Wednesday night in June of 1922, citizens of Greensburg, Indiana experienced “one of the worst ghost scares in the history of this town.” Those living on North Franklin Street awoke to “weird and terrifying” sounds coming from a nearby abandoned house. This continued for an hour and a crowd began to gather outside the haunted house. Some citizens peeked into the windows with lights but found nothing.

Police Chief Flint was called to investigate. When he entered the house he was greeted with a “loud burst.”

He persevered, however, and soon discovered an excellent exhibition of boyish ingenuity. By an arrangement of string and wire, once a spectator opened the door, the doors were banged and pictures were released. Every article touched released another noise-making device.

The trap was removed and the hauntings stopped.

Source: Journal and Courier (Lafayette, Indiana), 16 Jun 1922, Fri, (pg. 9)

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