It was a cat in a mailbox.

OCR: GHOSTS Cat in Mail Box Brings Cop to’ Chase ‘Spooks’ CHICAGO, Aug. 28 (U P)- Ghosts stalked the eerie, gas-lighted corner of Seventh street and Eberhart avenue last night. Wails, screeches and whining moans rent the air. Apprehensive citizens gathered under the flickering lights. The moans continued, but no living thing was in sight. A quaking housewife called the police. Police Lieutenant John Nealson responded. s Nealson prowled the neighborhood, then called a mail man, who opened a corner mail box. Out jumped the ghost, a large, black cat. “And who,” asked Nealson, “can say It wasn’t a ghost? How can a real cat get inside a mail box?”

Source: The Standard Union (Brooklyn, New York), 26 Aug 1930 (pg. 9)


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