It was the wife and the farmhand.

Two police officers slept in a local farm house in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania (1927) in order to capture a ghost. Farmer W.J. Walker, “on the verge of nervous collapse,” reached out to the police after being tortured by the ghost for years.

On the first night, sheets were snatched from the officers’ beds and “a white clad figure vanish among the outbuildings as they watched from the window.” The ghost warned occupants to flee the next day by smearing what looked like to be blood all over the interior walls of the house.

The police suspected Gurney Small, a farmhand with a similar stature as the alleged ghost. Small eventually confessed to be being hired by Walker’s wife to scare off her husband so that she might gain power over the property. She was arrested, along with summer boarder Miss Elma Miller, for the hoax.

Source: News-Journal (Mansfield, Ohio), 28 Aug 1927, Sun (pg. 9)


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